At the consumer level, VIPOK hopes to achieve the reputation that each and every patient is always receiving the best and updated products when they visit each and every VIPOK doctor or provider.

Under the VIPOK system, the consumer is able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cared for by certified well-trained practitioner.
  • Able to receive replacement lenses immediately or with shorter delays.
  • Feel comfortable and reassured knowing that VIPOK lenses are made of the most advanced and FDA approved gas permeable material today
  • Trust that the overall cost of VIPOK lenses is comparable or less than other similar designed lenses.

Look How Easy It Is

Put on the VIPOK Lenses ... Remove them with improved vision.



1. What makes VIPOK lenses better than other brand?

Each VIPOK practitioner has control over the fitting of the VIPOK lenses. Therefore, the doctors are better able to fine tune and make adjustment for the prefect fit every time. This will result in better results, less complications and more comfort for the patient

2. How do I know if my doctor is giving me VIPOK lenses?

Each and every individual lens dispensed by a certified VIPOK doctor will have a plastic shrink-wrapping. Please ask to see the original package before you take the lenses home.