Product Information
The following items are available either directly from VIPOK or from one of the authorized distributors. The availability of certain items will depend on rules and regulations of each country. If further information is necessary please contact VIPOK directly.

VIPOK lenses
To begin on the VIPOK system there are several options:
1. 168 inventory set of lenses. This is the recommended method of choice. This allows the practitioner to have access to the entire fitting system. The 168 lenses would fit 85% of all cases that require Orthokeratology. An initial package price would also allow the practitioner to benefit from better pricing.
2. 24 inventory fitting lenses. This method allows the practitioner to test the VIPOK system with a smaller capital investment. It will allow the practitioner to fine tune the initial fit and save time in the long run. However, without the complete inventory set of lenses, the practitioner will not be able to make adjustments immediately and would require more chair time and more visits by the patient. Pricing for this system would not be as attractive as with the 168-inventory method.
3. Order per case basis. This would be the least cost saving method. Although the initial selection would be 80% accurate, this method would be more time consuming and costly. The doctors that select this method eventually will purchase one of the inventory sets.

Contact lens Accessories and Solutions
The following are items for purchase from VIPOK:
Contact lens case
Suction cups
Rigid Gas permeable storage and disinfecting solution
Rigid Gas permeable daily cleaner
Re-wetting drops
Rigid gas permeable protein remover VIPOK patient brochure
VIPOK clinic and hospital poster