The goal is to provide practitioners a simple entry method to start Orthokeratology and allow them to feel comfortable and confident that there is a support group of professionals behind them.

Benefits as a VIPOK Doctor:

  • Learn and utilize a simplified and effective system of Orthokeratology
  • Doctor has control of choosing appropriate lenses and to make lens adjustments for patients if necessary
  • Inventory stock allows practitioner immediate dispensing if preferred
  • Easy method of evaluation and adjustment when troubleshooting is needed
  • Allow practitioner efficient and effective method of increasing practice income
  • Develop a productive and profitable Orthokeratology practice with ease
  • Acquire the confidence in fitting Orthokeratology with the support of VIPOK Inc.
  • E-mail - Send direct correspondence through e-mail

For more information about becoming a VIPOK Doctor, please allow us to contact you.  We can develop a customized program tailored toward your needs.  
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